I just have to get something of my chest..

Gabriela Koopmans photography… it’s not just me.

there is one more person working as hard as he can to make everything possible.
he schedules all sessions, keeps all appointments and he is the rational voice in our company.
He is with me on EVERY session ( except newborn) and all kids LOVE Erwin and his jokes ! icebreaker for sure !
He is carrying all props , helping me with light, he is my extra pair of eyes during sessions.
He is irreplaceable !
he listen to me  when I’m unsure about something, sad or tired. ( or to emotional!)
He also gave me the freedom to move forward with my love for photography.
so behind all pictures you see ..its not just me.. it’s US.
Erwin & me
I couldn’t imagine better husband & business partner, not even in my wildest dreams.

Thank you baby, you rock!!

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