what to wear?



girls..  vintage, jeans, grey, dark blue, rusty red, ocher yellow, naturals, cotton, lace, brown leather …  ( ZARA is a great place to shop ! )


jeans, stripes, colors, grey, brown, natural, cotton, wool, LAYERS
make sure clothes are not too big.

say NO to LOGO’s and other distracting prints on your clothes !!
Stay Away from crispy white color too.


YES for layers !! layers layers layers

 add something fun: think~  hats, scarfs, flowers, favorite ring..

 Camera LOVEs designs ! stripes, flowers, plaid.

 LACE & Vintage  is always good idea !

keep it simple, wear your favorite MAXI dress ( think boho )


match but don’t wear all the same! lots of designs and layers

beauty tips: keep your hair and make up natural.


don’t forget to bring your best smile with you !


Maternity Tips :

all kind of long dresses ! color,black & white , tight, wide, all is welcome


have fun!

do your best
and I will do the rest !

Thank you

Gabriela Koopmans


BRON:  all images come from Pinterest /all family images courtesy : SarahBeth photography

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